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Employees are your most valuable asset. Helping them with the college selection process for their loved ones would be a way of showing the company's interest in their well being. Satisfied employees without the added stress the college selection process entails will enable a company to maximize employee potential.

Also, companies spend a lot of person power, time and money on their web sites. Although they are tested prior to adding content in many instances links, grammar and spelling errors are overlooked. It would be a good idea to have someone from the outside take an objective look at your web site content/links etc.

Below are descriptions of the services offered.

College Selection and Retention:
Your most valuable asset is your employees. Most employees will have a daughter or son, niece or nephew, granddaughter or grandson who will want to attend a college. Employees worry that the correct college choice is being made by and for their loved ones. They spend a lot of time and money trying to select the right college. In addition, about 46% of students who are enrolled do not complete a degree. Worrying about college selection and staying once enrolled can take time and energy away from everyday tasks; it can cost a company money.
You can have an expert in college selection and student retention give presentations to your employees about the college selection and retention process.
Giving your employees/staff/administrators/board members this opportunity shows that you care about their families and willing to give back to your hard working employees.
Interested? Please contact me:
Dr. Alan Seidman
Phone: 603-471-1490
Web Site Service:
You have probably spent a lot of time and money developing your web site. You employ graphic designers, script writers, photographers, proof readers etc. to make sure that the site conveys what you want it to say. Your public identity and e-commerce depends on it.
But are you really sure that the content is correct? Even though you have taken precautions do your links go where they are supposed to go? Do your drop-down menus show what they are supposed to show?
Sometimes your staff and other employees are too close to the project to see what is lacking or not working correctly. Relying on customer site feedback is really not a good option. You know how quickly customers will leave a site with broken links that go nowhere and drop-downs that do not work properly.
Why take a chance losing business?
What I do:
I will examine your web site and check site page spelling, grammar, links and drop-downs etc. to make sure they say and do what they are supposed to do. Although I am not a graphic designer, I can give appearance and ease of use feedback if requested. I will prepare a written report regarding my examination of your web site.
Who Am I?:
I am an educational consultant, founder and editor of a scholarly refereed journal, author and lecturer with a doctorate in educational administration. Review my VITA.
Cost is very affordable.
Interested? Please contact me:
Dr. Alan Seidman
Phone: 603-471-1490