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Minority Student Retention-The best of the Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice ORDER

Minority Student Retention
The Best of the Journal of College Student Retention:
Research, Theory & Practice
Dr. Alan Seidman, Editor

ISBN: 0-89503-331-3
Baywood Publishing Co., Inc.
Media Type: Hardcover

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Student retention continues to be a vexing problem for all colleges and universities. In spite of the money spent on creating programs and services to help retain students until they achieve their academic and personal goals, and graduate, the figures have not improved over time. This is particularly true for minority students, who have a greater attrition rate than majority students. Demographic information shows that the minority population in the United States is growing at a faster rate than the majority. It is imperative that educational institutions find ways to help improve retention rates for all students but particularly minority students. Retention rates should not differ appreciably among different racial/ethnic groups.
The Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice is the only scholarly, peer-reviewed journal devoted solely to college student retention. It has published many articles on minority student retention, and this topic continues to garner much attention. This book is a compilation of the very best of these articles, selected on the basis of reviews by a cadre of experts in the education field. The articles discuss African American, Latino/Latina, Asian and Asian Pacific, Native American, and biracial students, and institutional commitments to retaining a diverse student population. For those interested in this vital area, the collection will teach and inspire them to achieve greater heights and pay additional attention to retaining minority students in our colleges and universities.
Four and 3 two-year college administrators including presidents, vp/deans of academic, student services and enrollment management, deans/directors of academic, students, enrollment management and admissions, vp/deans and directors of first-year student programs and faculty members. Federal and state government officials as well as parents of college bound students.